12 sinkholes form in Ocala neighborhood

Published: May. 1, 2018 at 6:40 PM EDT
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Today we've learned that two more sinkholes have opened up in the same Ocala neighborhood that several other sinkholes forced evacuations from just last week.

Some families in the Fore Ranch community say they're frightened at this point.

Residents that I spoke with are now calling this a “sinkhole fiasco”. The city's engineer says about 12 sinkholes have opened up so far. And now they say it's starting to raise concerns because some of those holes are starting to make their way up to some of these residents’ homes."

Eddie Betaseourt said, "Yeah man it's crazy, I got kids in the house and I want them to play in the backyard, but if a sinkhole opens up, they could get hurt."

Eddie Betaseourt along with a few of his neighbors are left trying to decide what's next for them as two new sinkholes have opened up just a short distance from their homes.

Eddie Betaseourt said, "This use to be beautiful, beautiful lake with turtles and swans and stuff like that. But then when you see those holes it's like dang you don't even want to live here."

Geo-technical engineers could be seen working hard, securing and testing all of the holes.

The city engineer has counted at least 12 so far, and eight families have been evacuated.

Meghan Shay with the Ocala Police Department said, "At this time there is only one building that's been affected by the evacuations, but of course if they're additional sinkholes that pop up in other areas that put a particular building at risk, those will be evacuated as well."

Betaseourt says the home owners association has been updating everyone through a phone app.

And the last update they received was on April 27th telling them a report with a suggested solution, would be available by the end of this week.

And this isn't the first time that these sinkholes have caused a problem in this community, the city says that back in 2012, that this was a growing concern from them. And once the city has a chance to finish testing all these holes