19 horses surrendered to local horse rescue organization

Published: Aug. 21, 2019 at 6:50 PM EDT
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19 horses were surrendered by their owner to Horses Without Humans, an organization in Bell that rescues and trains horses.

"This is Eddie and he and 18 other horses were surrendered to us by someone that was worried that they could no longer care for them," said Yvonne Barteau, founder of Horses Without Humans.

But these weren't the only horses the woman had.

"Horses are judged on a body score between 1 and 9 and all these horses were like a 1, 1.5, except for there were 4 that the place that surrendered them wanted to keep, and those horses actually sadly were well fed," said Barteau.

Being deprived of food and water led these horses to desperate measures.

Barteau also told TV 20 that food was very limited where these horses came from, so many of them were fighting for survival, which meant fighting one another for food which led to many abrasions on the skin that is now being treated with a medicine called BlueCoat.

Rehabilitation is the next step on the horses' road to recovery.

" In terms of getting these horses rehabbed that's going to be our biggest thing cause their ride-ability and their ground manners are I mean like you can see they're pretty good, they can be haltered, they pick up their feet, they'll load on the trailer," Jennifer Cefalu, horse trainer at Horses Without Humans.

With this big of a rescue, Barteau and her team are asking for helping hands.

"If you're familiar with horses you can come out, if not you can come and scrub buckets or drag hay or help anywhere that you can, we would love people we would love donations, we would love services you know that horses need, said Barteau.

To volunteer, donate, or provide a service visit their Facebook page: Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization.