22 year old fighting one of the deadliest forms of cancer

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- A young man in North Central Florida is battling through one of the deadliest forms of cancer.

The disease has no known cure.

Brandon Gordon, 22, is diagnosed with NUT midline carcinoma.

Only 20 to 30 cases are diagnosed every year.

Patients are usually only given a couple months to live but this young man says he's pushing through to live his life in its entirety

"I thought it was just a sickness, I usually get over sicknesses,” Brandon Gordon said.

It started with what he thought was just a sinus infection but his coughing continued through the month of April.

Brandon’s doctors eventually diagnosed him with NUT midline carcinoma, one of the rarest forms of cancer.

"I've always been very over analytical and in my mind type of person so to add on the fact that something so random and so unbelievable to happen really kicks it into overdrive,” he said.

Tumors have started to form on his spine and lungs.

Through his chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Brandon remains determined to fight.

"I'm just too young. I just have too much more to do. I want to be around forever for my parents.” he said.

Every day is like a rollercoaster but it's one Brandon isn't riding alone.

"I really think that he's gonna be a walking testament to being one of the survivors of this disease,” Todd Gordon, Brandon’s father said.

They say they’ve been getting lots of prayers and support from family and friends.

“Words of wisdom and words of good wishes, it's huge,” Brandon said.

There's something special in Brandon's big green eyes.

"He's just a strong person,” his dad said.

A strong person with a vision of:

"A healthy life with a family,” Brandon said.

Brandon and his father say they are extremely grateful for every ounce of support they've been getting, it's what's helping them through their journey.

If you or anyone you know would like to donate to Brandon’s GoFundMe page, you can find it attached to this article.

Click here to support A Miracle for Brandon organized by Todd Gordon

Our son, Brandon, has been diagnosed with NUT midline carcinoma, an extremely rare and aggressive form of cancer. Only 20-30 cases are reported each year. Brandon is a hard-working and ambitious 22 year old college student in Gainesville, FL. In mid-April Brandon was admitted to the hospital with...