3 Live Oak police officers save man from burning building

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LIVE OAK, Fla. Three Live Oak police officers saved a man from a burning building Sunday morning.

"Ultimately, we all have one mission and that's to protect and serve,” Live Oak police officer Ryan MacFadden said.

That is exactly what three Live Oak Police officers did when they saved Sandy Charise, Jr. that morning.

One of the officers saw someone flashing their lights in the rearview mirror and that's when he knew something was wrong.

"I got out of the vehicle, made contact with them and was advised that they saw smoke coming out of a house,” MacFadden said.

MacFadden called dispatch for more help. The officers came to the building on 615 Spruce Street and saw an open flame in the kitchen.

That’s when they saw Charise trapped under furniture that had fallen on him when he tried to evacuate. One instinct went through all of their minds.

"He was laying on the ground. He was disoriented, didn't know where he was,” Live Oak police officer Jason Rhoden said.

"We just got to get the guy out of there some way some how and there wasn't anytime to cover your face,” Live Oak police officer Lucas Smith.

Charise says the fire started from after he accidentally fell asleep and left the stove unattended.

"It's a simple mistake. We human, we all make mistakes. I was meal prepping to cook. When I sat in the bed, I just fell asleep. I was tired. I don't know what happened from there,” Sandy Charise, Jr. said. "All I know is that I woke up on the sidewalk with my boxers on and thank God they got me out the house."

Charise is thankful for the officer's help.

"I'm good though. I'm blessed I'm alive. It could've been way worse. These guys were very very brave. I appreciate what they did,” Charise, Jr. said.

Officers say this couldn’t have been done without teamwork.

"We picked up on each other's techniques and stuff and we all just knew what to do,” Smith said. "We just acted as a team. That's how we were successful in saving the guy's life."