Family asking for Christmas cards for terminally ill child

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CHESAPEAKE, Ohio (WSAZ/Gray News) - A family has been finding it impossible to cope with the thought that a 2-year-old girl won't be with them much longer.

Family members are wanting this terminally ill girl, Kaylee Adkins, to be able to enjoy Christmas spirit one more time, despite doctors telling them she's not expected to live until Dec. 25.

"It's ripping my heart out," said Paula Collins, the girl's grandmother.

Kaylee Adkins was born with a Vein of Galen aneurysm. She's had two strokes and has been through eight surgeries.

Doctors told the family she's not expected to survive to Christmas.

Kaylee is currently getting hospice care at a relative's home in Chesapeake, Ohio.

The family wanted Kaylee to experience Christmas spirit one more time. They're asking people to send her early Christmas cards, and they've already gotten quite a few.

"We're just trying to have Christmas for her as soon as we can so we have that memory with her before it's too late," Kaylee's aunt Chandra McMillian said.

"It's amazing how people love a child they've never known," Collins said.

Relatives say despite Kaylee's life being expected to be cut tragically short, in her brief time here, she's been an inspiration.

"This baby has literally fought from day one," Collins said. "They said she would never walk, talk or anything, and she at least got to experience that."

They're urging others this Christmas, above all else, not to take your own kids for granted.

The family is planning to celebrate Christmas with Kaylee Saturday afternoon, but they welcome people to continue sending the cards.

Cards can be mailed to: 12189 Route 243, Chesapeake, Ohio, 45619.

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