80+ animals seized from home covered in urine and feces

SUWANNEE CO., Fla., (WCJB) -- A total of 50 dogs and 34 cats were rescued from a small mobile home in Suwannee County. Deputies say you could smell a strong odor of feces and urine from 50 yards away. These animals were malnourished and living in terrible conditions, but this wasn't the first time deputies removed animals from the home.

"I've seen hoarding cases, but not to the extent of this particular one," said John Marshall, Director of Field Operations for Guardians of Rescue for New York.

54-year-old Jennifer Dyvniak has been arrested and charged with 84 counts of aggravated animal cruelty. A call led deputies to her mobile home on 77th road in Suwannee County,

"It's a single wide mobile home and you an excess of 70 animals inside a mobile home and you can just imagine what it looks like inside, what it smells like inside," said Sheriff St. John, Suwannee Co. sheriff.

The home was covered in feces and urine and filled with animals, who deputies say Dyvniak says she collected as strays.

The animals were taken to the Suwannee County Animal Shelter which was already at full capacity.

"Many rescues have already pulled the rest of them, a lot of the small dogs have been pulled by small animals rescues, a lot of the cats have been pulled and some of them are just at the vet," said Marshall.

Marshall says that the majority if not all of the animals have health issues.

"Last month this shelter had also taken in 30 other animals from her, so her total number would have been 114," said Marshall.

The shelter now has 21 cats and 9 dogs and Marshall says the one thing the shelter needs is helping hands.

For those interested in donating head over to "https://guardiansofrescue.org/" and for those interested in being a volunteer, contact the Suwannee County Animal Shelter at "http://suwanneecountyanimalshelter.com/".