911 call to Marion County Sheriff's Office released

Marion County Sheriff's Office has released audio of a 911 call from a woman who just found her friends dead body in the trunk of a car.

Deputies say Eric Gay and and 61-year old Laura Russell were staying together in an apartment.

Laura woke up to Gay attempting to steal her prescription medication as well as some cash. When he realized he had been caught he began to choke Russell until she passed out.

He wrapped her up in a sleeping bag thinking she was dead, but when she began to move again he beat her with a flashlight and strangled her with a phone cord. He then put her into the trunk of her car and drove home.

When Russell didn't come home for a while her roommate questioned Gay about her whereabouts, and he told her that she should be at home.

Later, Russell's roommate had a friend of Gay's drive the car back over to her and Laura's place. When they searched the car they found the dead body in the trunk.

Gay admitted to being a meth addict, but was not tested for drugs. He faces a first degree murder charge.