High Springs firefighter brings microwave to hungry elderly woman

Published: Feb. 22, 2019 at 5:49 PM EST
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High Springs Fire Department received a call at about 5:40 pm on Thursday evening for a medical emergency. An elderly woman's life alert system was responsible for the call.

Firefighter Doug Hope says during those calls "you pretty much bring all your medical supplies". They were prepared for the worst, but when they got there, Hope and his team realized the elderly woman accidentally set off the alarm.

"It's a relief when you get inside and find out it was an accidental activation", Hope explains.

The firefighters asked the elderly woman how she was holding up living alone, and she told them she relied on Meals on Wheels for her food and was a little hungry.

"She couldn’t get her microwave to work".

That was a problem because all her dinners from "Meals on Wheels" are frozen.

Doug decided to pay for a new microwave and sit with the woman to make sure she ate her meal.

"I don't know how long it's been since she's eaten and just her looking up at me from the bed I just had to."

That story was shared on the High Springs Fire Department's Facebook page and is now going viral. There have been more than 1 million views and 50-thousand reactions on the Facebook post as of Friday evening. The town of High Springs has a population of just over 5-thousand people.

When asked what he thinks about the viral post, Firefighter Doug Hope laughs and says "I never expected it, not in a million years."

He just hopes people are inspired to pay attention and do something for someone else.

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