A Look Into lake City's Infinity Con

Super heroes, video game and Tv show characters all joined forces today to celebrate their passions at Lake Cities Infinity Con.
Learn how this event came to be and what exactly goes into turning a regular person into a fantasy character.

What was originally just an idea amongst friends has transformed over the past 5 years into Infinity Con.
Ray Hancock is the Infinity Con event organizer and he says it started small five years ago. "It absolutely has gotten bigger the first year we did Infinity Con it was kind of an idea, I like comic books, some other friends I knew liked comic books, we knew some artists and we got this small little space and said this is Lake City maybe we'll have 50 people come out."
That year more than 400 people showed up. This year's crowd is estimated to be over 1500.
Many who come, dress up like their favorite characters with some even performing in their costumes known as cosplay.
Thomas Walters is the founder of the North Florida Ghostbusters group, he said "Mainly it stems from the love of the ghostbusters movies, the cartoons, I just wanted to make a difference in my community and what better way to do that than ghostbusters. Everybody knows ghostbusters, loves ghostbusters, somebody yells who you gonna call somebody always says ghostbusters."
Dance groups based off of Japanese Anime shows came to perform and showcase their skills. Lucas Demanuel-Thue is part of the Shoreline Dreamers Cosplay Dance Group and she said "We meet every other week on Sundays and sometimes we have 2 hour practices but when we're getting close to performance we do 5 hour practices and we do a lot of learning at home because each person does have slightly different parts."
Portraying a favorite character for some is taken very seriously.
Demanuel-Thue explained how long it took her to get into character. "I'd like to say it took me a little over an hour but its probably longer but makeup takes the longest. And then the costume for me it took me about 20 minutes, there's a lot of pieces to this so getting it right and tucked in all the layers, and then I spend a long time combing this wig out too so its a lot, its a long process."
Walters explained it doesn't take too long for him to get dressed, but acquiring the gear can get pricey. "I probably have way too much money in my gear alone where as others only have a couple hundred dollars I've got a couple thousand invested it just depends on how deep you want to go, how accurate and how intense you're willing to go."

Usually there are events also held outside, this year rain forced those events inside on Sunday.