A Wild Valentines

Alachua County couples got a wild sneak peak of valentines day at the Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation.
Tv20's Landon Harrar was at the valentines day themed walk-through and shows us couples reactions to their experience.

The idea behind the carson springs valentines tour is to make sure love isn;t endangered in north central florida.
Co-founder of the Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation Barry Janks explained "What are we doing for valentines day well I already know we're going out to dinner, getting some roses, might go see a movie so we thought we'd try something a little different and you know come here and experience what we have here, its an experience its not just a going out to dinner, this is something you're going to remember."
Daniel and Janis Royse have been married a little over a year and they said they enjoyed a different and adventurous experience "I liked the rhino probably the best, and the tigers growling and I liked the lions just the overall conservation of the place."
This is the fourth year this valentines wak-through has been offered, and its so popular it now takes two days of tours to accommodate every sign -up.
Janks said "It's funny cause a lot of the guys will book at the last day or two and they kind of realized hey I can do something, even though valentines falls on a Wednesday its kind of like the pre-valentines day kind of cool thing so they get their experience and they enjoy the date today and there's gorgeous weather so its going to be nice."
For the Royse's it was a good way to see some new things, spend some quality time together and also give back.
"Something different, never done it before seemed like it would be something good to do here in the community. And a good way to spend our money instead of roses or something you'll just throw away later on this donation went to a good cause so at lest we're contributing positively to something in the community."
The walk-through took around 2 hours and ended with champagne for the couples and roses for the women.