A candle light vigil was held for 16-year-old DJ Washington of Gainesville

Published: Jan. 31, 2020 at 11:41 PM EST
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Updated: 2/3/2020 7:40 p.m.

Gainesville Police are still investigating the death of a 16 year old killed while walking in the bike lane near Pine Tree apartments.

GPD officials are releasing few details because they say the investigation could last several months.

DJ Washington was hit a week ago and died several days later. A

has been set up to help his family.


Balloons were in the sky tonight in honor of 16-year-old DJ Washington of Gainesville. He was struck by a vehicle Monday afternoon after getting off the bus along Southwest 20th Avenue and then rushed to the hospital. Washington died three days later from his injuries.

A best friend, a brother and a respectable young man. That's how DJ is described by those who were closest to him.

Victoria Johnson, Washington's aunt, said "he's just well-mannered, real respectful, anything I needed him to do, he did it. Just a joy to have with the jokes and joy he bring to the family."

DJ was the oldest of four siblings and his friends say he set a good example.

Edward Gumbs has known DJ for 10 years and they always went to the same school. Gumbs said, "DJ, he was doing his own thing, he just... All he wanted to do was play basketball like he was a good kid. I mean he got good grades."

Washington was a tenth grader at Buchholz High School and treated his friends like family.

Washington's friends say they would always sit together at lunch, talk and laugh.

Johnson added, "Everybody loved him, they was like more so of brothers than friends. Everybody thought he was just amazing, which he was."

Candles were lit and balloons were released at the altar made for DJ on Southwest 20th Avenue.

"I miss him though," Gumb added. "And I was just playing basketball with him the other day and then boom this came, this happened, like this crazy.

DJ played basketball almost every day to emulate his idol, Stephen Curry. DJ's family wants people to just wait 15 seconds while driving behind buses because tragedies like this one can be avoided.