A snow day in Florida

Gainesville, FL. (WCJB) -- It may have been 80 degrees outside but that didn't stop it from snowing Saturday at Kirby Farms.

Hundreds came out to support the fundraising event for Kimberley's Foundation, a charity foundation named after a girl who tragically died last year in an ATV accident.

Because Kimberley loved to dance so much her mother set up Saturday's event to raise money for dance scholarships for kids who can't afford them.

And the biggest draw of the day? A nearly 60-foot snow slide with real frozen snow which for many Florida kids was their first go at sledding.

10-year-old Gunter Steele said," it's been like ice instead of actually fluffy snow and going down that slide was fun."
12-year-old Tamari Mcdonald said, "I got up there and slid down and flipped because it was bumpy."

Kimberley's family also wants to expand their foundation to help children and families waiting for organ donations, but also for the families who lost a child and donated their organs to save others.

After the accident, Kimberley's heart, liver, and both kidneys were donated. It's said a full organ donation including skin and even corneas can help up to 85 people in need.