ASO Captain helped with search of two firefighters who went missing from Port Canaveral

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ALACHUA, CO., Fla., (WCJB) --- Its been almost a week since Brian McCluney and Justin Walker went missing from Port Canaveral. And now that all options have been exhausted, the U.S coast guard announced the search will end at sundown.

"Think about these two firefighters for a second, for their entire career what they've done is save people, it's time for us to do something for them," said Captain Steve Maynard, Alachua County Sheriff's Office.

Steve Maynard is not only a captain ASO but he also has a Coast Guard captains license, that came in handy when he traveled to Mayport to assist in the search of the missing boaters.

The area that they asked me and tasked me to search was 200 hundred square miles, it was 200 square miles and it was 80 miles off the coast of Georgia, Brunswick Georgia," said Maynard

Maynard says he and his crew searched for hours but were unable to locate any clues.

"From the coordinates that they gave us and we would run out 10 miles in our section and we would run up 1 mile and then turn 10 miles back, so we did that all day. It was a long way," said Maynard.

But Maynard says it was something he had to do, once he saw the pictures of the families circulating online.

So he says he took the day off and used his personal boat with hopes of finding answers.

"Anytime something happens anywhere in the world that has to do with a public safety member it resonates with us it strikes a chord from a standpoint of we feel for them, we feel for there families, we feel especially for their children and this is terrible situation, its tragic.," said Sheriff Sadie Darnell, ASO.

But as long as there is hope, there are people like Captain Maynard who are willing to help.