aha Pure Foods rebrands soup company at Lucky's Supermarket

Published: Nov. 19, 2017 at 6:12 PM EST
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One local food company is changing the way Gainesville residents think about health foods. aha Pure Foods launched their rebranded soups today at Lucky's Supermarket.

"We've expanded the team, revamped some of the soups and we are so excited," said Samantha Bove, the chief marketing officer of aha Pure Foods.

aha Pure Foods is a whole food, plant-based soup company launched out of Gainesville. Unlike most other soup companies, aha prides itself on its soup's healthy contents.

"What we do is source ingredients that really have healing properties in them," said Bove.

Ingredients like turmeric to keep down inflammation, and adaptogenic mushrooms to improve brain health.

And the method behind the madness? Wayne Garland and Alfie Crescentini, the founders of aha Pure Foods.

"I was able to analyze disease and nutrition and bring them together," said Garland. "And then when Alfie came along, make it taste sensational."

Wayne and Alfie came up with the idea for the soup company four years ago, and while they were working out the details, the company became something very personal for Alfie.

"As we were going through this whole thing, I ended up at Tampa General Hospital with an emergency triple bypass," said Crescentini. "When I got home, dr. Garland called me, went through all the small talk, how ya feeling, and he goes you know you always thought I was a bunch of hot air, you ready to listen to me now?"

And that he did. With a container of healthy soup in hand, these men were able to change their lives and the lives of others.

"This is the genius of modern food production, but making sure what's inside there is doing good not bad," said Garland.

If you're interested, you can visit Lucky's Supermarket in Gainesville to get your own taste of aha's delicious soups.