ASO looking for home burglar

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla.(WCJB)-- Alachua County Sheriff's deputies are looking for a burglar who broke into a home to steal jewelry.

It happened at a home on Northwest 21st lane in the canterbury subdivision. A house sitter found a broken window in the back of the home last night.

A thief was captured on surveillance video stealing $1,000 worth of jewelry.

The culprit had on multiple layers of clothing during the burglary, making it difficult to identify them.

"From the surveillance, its difficult to tell what race or sex the subject is," Alachua County Sheriff's Office Detective Daniel Qualmann said.

The suspect also stole one of the surveillance cameras in the master bedroom before leaving.

"I think the only oddity is that the suspect immediately identified the camera ran over towards the camera and took the camera down," Qualmann said.

Contact ASO for any tips.