Abandoned animals at Marion County rescues a growing problem

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB) -- Animal rescues in Marion County say there are a growing number of incidents in which animals are being abandoned without processing at the rescues.

Marion County Animal Services has recently made a push to become a no-kill shelter, achieving no-kill status by partnering with other rescues in the county.

Rescues TV20 visited said they've reached close to capacity. SPCA Ocala President Lilly Baron said dropping off animals at the rescue isn't a difficult process.

"A lot of the rescues are financially burdened," Baron said. "When you drop an animal off at the gate and you don't sign them proper documentation for us to adopt an animal out, it is a very long process for us to go ahead and get the animals processed."

Baron used to own a dog named Molly. The dog was stabbed in the face and lived, inspiring what is now known as Molly's Law in Marion County.

The law prevents animal abusers from owning dogs by forcing them to enlist in an animal abuser registry.

"It stops, and it stops now," Baron said.

Baron added that if members of the public want to drop an animal off at the rescue, the process isn't difficult if done the right way.