Alachua County Mayors weigh-in on Stay-At-Home order

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The Alachua County emergency order that closed non-essential businesses and tells people to stay home has many wondering, "What does this mean for everyday life?"

Some mayors in the county are keeping people educated but wonder why they weren't included in the decision. Hawthorne Mayor Matt Surrency says talking with municipalities is essential for the order to succeed.

"It started out a little rough to start out with, we weren’t included on any of the phone calls or planning or anything else"

Like Surrency, Mayor Iris Bailey of Archer says she wasn’t filled in on the initial decision making.

We heard on similar story Mayor Jordan Marlowe of Newberry on Monday. He said he’d just like to be a part of the conversation.

Now, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday the county is hosting a morning phone call specifically for city officials to get updates and provide feedback.

Surrency adds, “exactly how we do it for any kind of hurricane-related national disaster so that’s all we were trying to ask for is just to be treating this the same way so we can be part of the solution and we can be coordinated and have a coordinated effort with everybody."

Waldo city officials say they're sending out a daily code red to educate people.

Mayor Louie Davis of Waldo said, “it's something new for us all and it’s a learning experience to go through it. You face the hurricanes and stuff and its an obvious end to that, and you’ll be looking at it in a few days but now we have no idea how long this may last and we really got to put trust into our government officials to do what’s best and we can do what’s best for our citizens."

Davis adds the people are taking it in good stride despite having to stay separate.

Waldo City Manager Kim Worley said, "and I think it’s really neat, neighbors helping neighbors and neighbors talking to each other so I think it’s bringing a lot of people together."

On Thursday, Gainesville will be holding a telephone town hall at 6:45 for COVID-19 updates and questions.