Alachua County canvassing board reviews provisional ballots

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- Some ballots cast in North Central Florida are still being reviewed, as 6 Florida races are slated for a recount.

On Friday, The Alachua County Supervisor Of Elections Office canvassing board is reviewing 550 provisional ballots.

Those are cast by Alachua County voters but were not counted on Election Day.

For example, if a voter didn't present an ID when they registered to vote and when they showed up to vote, they were given a provisional ballot.

These types of ballots could also be mail-in ballots without signatures.

One by one the canvassing board is reviewing the 550 provisional ballots.

"So that’s looking at those provisionals and seeing if they’re from voters who are registered to vote for this election who were voting in the correct precinct on election day,” Ty Pyche, Alachua County Supervisor of Elections Office Director of Outreach, said.

Voters who cast a provisional ballot on election were given directions to check if their vote was counted.

If not, they had until 5pm Thursday to bring an ID to the elections office to correct the problem.

“We think it’s very important just like other elections offices around the state that we take great care with all of these ballots and we do everything we can to make sure that the results that we put out accurately reflect what the voters wanted,” Pyche said.

It's not just Alachua County that has to take part in this recounting process, it's statewide in Florida.

Under Florida law, a recount is mandated when vote counts have a difference of half a percentage point or less.

A spokesperson for the Supervisor Of Elections Office says they are planning to finish up reviewing provisional ballots by 10pm by Friday.