North Florida man appears nonchalant during sentencing for murder

He'll sit in prison for a very long time. Michael Porter, the man who was convicted Friday of murder was sentenced Monday afternoon.

For the crimes of first-degree murder, burglary and sexual battery of 55-year-old Joyce Burrows back in 2013 will serve 2 consecutive life sentences in a cell plus an additional 30 years.

While waiting for his sentence to be delivered, Porter seemed nonchalant and carefree with a smile on his face. After the sentencing was handed down he even winked at the surviving Burrows family before being led away.

Joyce Burrows son declined an interview but during his victim's statement read in court, he told Porter he was not intimidated by his smiles and that even if it won't ever bring his mother back he knows justice has been served.

Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz commented on the trial finally coming to an end after 5 years.
"Justice did prevail today to the extent of he got the full extent of what the law required him to get and for that, I'm happy for the family. A little closure for them that they know this monster is no longer on our streets or a threat to society."

It took three trials to finally convict and sentence Porter, Sheriff Bobby Schultz when asked what he thought about the smiling and general attitude of Porter said. "He'll have plenty of time to smile and reflect while he sits in that eight by eight cell."

The courtroom was filled with family and friends of Joyce Burrows as well as many men and women in uniform who worked so hard to track down and arrest Porter for the crimes.

Although tears were shed, it seemed many of them were for a tragic ordeal finally at an end.