Alachua County residents seeing more pesky mosquitoes

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ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla After heavy rainfall and hot weather these past few weeks, people in our area have been seeing more pesky mosquitoes.

It's hard for at least one family in unincorporated Alachua County to even go outside during the day.

"Pesky, little buggers. They hurt, and they're very annoying," said Mary Murray, a resident of Hawthorne.

Mosquitoes are a problem this time of year, but for one family living in Hawthorne just off of state road 20, mosquitoes have been peskier than usual at all times of the day.

"It's not really surprising to see half a dozen on your ankles," said Greg Grannell who also lives on the property.

"The kids want to play outside of course, but we just can't leave them out for very long. We just have to bring them back in because they get bites," Murray said.

The family said that since a retention pond was built just feet away from their home a few years ago, the mosquito problem has been out of control."

The county Environmental Protection Department treats retention basins with chemicals to prevent breeding, but TV20 could not confirm Thursday whether the pond in question was treated. Although disease carrying mosquitoes are not a problem.

"What we're seeing in our traps right now are swamp water mosquitoes. Those don't carry these diseases," said Paul Myers, a spokesperson for the Alachua County Health Department.

The county does not spray for mosquitoes because of organic farmers and environmental concerns.

"We're probably just going to stay inside more which isn't fun for them. We have to go some place else, a park somewhere but just to play in their own yard its not very nice right now," Murray said.

"Spraying and wearing repellent products. That's I think our only option really," Grannell said.