Alachua County road conditions causing frustration

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla., (WCJB) Residents in Alachua County, particularly the rural area feel that they have been forgotten when it comes to road maintenance.

Lisa Huey, an Alachua resident, says she’s been trying to get the conditions of Northwest 222nd Avenue improved for years.

“I would like us rural residents to not be forgotten, we are taxpayers, we do vote, and we deserve as good as Gainesville," stated Huey.

Huey says the road near her residence has a dozen of potholes and that the county isn't maintaining the road as if it were part of the county. Huey says that she has sent emails, made calls and is tired of waiting for someone to come out and fix the road.

Alachua County Public Works Director, Ramon Gaverrete, says that Public Works new goal is to better customer service.

“I understand those frustrations, I understand that and we’re trying to be more efficient, but we do have to manage our workload and we do have a schedule," said Gaverrete.

According to Gaverrete, Public Works has launched Task Oriented Maintenance Units and one of those units will focus primarily on grading roadways. Other units will focus on construction, stormwater maintenance, and other entities.

Gaverrete is asking for residents to remain patient while they work on getting the roads maintained.