Alachua County votes to readdress gas tax funds distribution

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ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB)-- At a joint city-county meeting Tuesday night, Hawthorne leaders argued they aren’t getting their fair share of the county gas tax.

Mayor Matt Surrency said, although Hawthorne’s population is small, it is a major crossroads that brings in traffic.

“So $2,000 to us is like is probably like a couple million to the county. And so what we’re looking at is $58 thousand and what it’s actually going to cost us is a big hit. It will probably cost us two employees,” Surrency told TV20 News.

Mayor Surrency requested the county revert back to an original plan, which was approved in 2017.

County leaders ultimately voted to revisit the distribution of percentages, but not change Gainesville’s 40% stake of the funds.