Alachua County works to expand housing options

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ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB)-- At the Alachua county commission meeting, the growth management department presented regulations that stop people from connecting their RV or tiny home on wheels to electricity, water and sewage. All with the goal of figuring out, what will it take to get people to live in an RV or tiny home

Current regulations limit the amount of time one can live in an RV. Tiny homes must meet Florida building code. The department recommended the commission to adopt a building code that allows tiny homes and RVs to be a temporary housing solution.

Gainesville resident, Gordon Clemans said, "It's a chance to really solve that half of the homelessness problem. That half being housing the house-able homeless. Think about half of the homeless, homelessness is a symptom of a greater problem and that needs a different approach. But for the people whose core problem is homelessness, getting the unit cost down to an affordable level, it could solve that part of the problem."

The city of Gainesville has adopted the building code that allows tiny homes under most compliance standards.

The commission agrees that with population growth comes the need for expanding housing options. The growth management department will return to the commission with a draft ordinance to give a better idea of where RVs would be allowed within the urban cluster.