Alachua Family Searching for Lost Dog Worth Thousands

ALACHUA, Fla. (WCJB) - It’s been five days since Tara and Will Escue last saw their dog, Stubbs. Stubbs is a rare English Bulldog they bought over a year ago as a therapy dog after an accident left Will with PTSD.

Tara says last Thursday she left the house with Stubbs outside in the front yard, which is common. She was only gone for an hour, but when she got back, Stubbs was nowhere to be found.

Not only is Stubbs like a child to the Escue family, but he's also their main source of income. Tara and Will recently started what they call a small-scale in-home breeding business. They say since he is so unique, it makes him an easy target.

Tara says, “there are so many people that see him and they’re like oh my goodness, where did you get him, what is he. And I just know if someone was passing by, if they see him, whether it’s to do a good deed or not, pick him up.”

The scues have created several posts on social media that have now been shared over a thousand times, and have even gone nationwide.
Based on our online searches, a dog like Stubbs could be worth between $15,000-$20,000 on the black market.

For now, as they wait for a sign of hope, they try to keep a positive mindset. “Until we find him … I really hope that whoever has him is taking care of him like he should be taken care of."

Will and Tara have put posters up all around Alachua. It started out as a $1,000 reward and has now gone up to $1,750.