All ages of skates represented at Gainesville's skate jam

In celebration of Gainesville's 150th anniversary a crowd of skate enthusiasts of all ages descended on the Possum Creek skate park. We'll show you how popular skating remains to be.

Whether you ride a skateboard, scooter or even rollerblades everybody had a chance to show off their skills at Saturday's skate jam.

The entire afternoon of skating was free for all participants and had different tiers of skaters competing depending on their age as well as free-for-all skate sessions.

Even without large events like this, you can almost always find a few skaters at the Possum Creek skate park and event organizers say it's a sport that continues to grow in popularity.

Billy Rohan is an avid skater and event coordinator who said, "it's just gotten into the olympics for 2020 in Japan so it's phenomenal to see different countries from all over the world putting money into their skateboarding parks to build olympic skate parks.

Rohan says one of the most important aspects of skating is not being afraid to fall over a few times. He says if you give it a year of a few hours a week any age skater should be able to have a few tricks in the bag.

There are still multiple other events for Gainesville's 150th anniversary scheduled for the coming months as the festivities haven't ended just because it's a new year.

Leslie Ladendorf is the Assistant Cultural Affairs Manager with the City of Gainesville and she said, " we did start in April which was April 2019 because it was the actual anniversary and we've decided to do a years worth of events instead of just one big one. That way we can engage as much of the community as we possibly can. We've been reaching out all over this community to get ideas and one of those ideas came from Billy Rohan who is a skate legend here in Gainesville."

Gainesville's next events are an art competition in February, a community fest in March and one final big bash in April.