Another group comes forward to protest Donald Trump Jr.'s visit to UF

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) Another group has come forward Sunday to protest Donald Trump Jr.'s visit to UF on October 10th.

The group called "No Nazis at UF" posted a statement on Facebook also requesting the event's cancellation. The organization also protested white nationalist, Richard Spencer, when he made a speech on UF's campus in 2017.

Some of their demands echo that of #ChompTrump, another group protesting Donald Trump's visit. #ChompTrump posted its announcement on Facebook Saturday.

The event was organized by the ACCENT Speakers Bureau, which is reportedly funding the event using $50,000 dollars of student activities fees, according to published reports.

The ACCENT Speakers Bureau said in part: "Both speakers provide varying viewpoints and provide an opportunity for students to engage in thought-provoking dialogue and civil discourse.​ At ACCENT, we respect every student's opinion, and part of our mission is to engage the UF campus community in discussions on important issues by bringing prominent, influential, and, often times, controversial speakers to campus."

No Nazis at UF demanded that the university reallocate the $50,000 toward underfunded student organizations and request UF's student government president to resign, according to the group's press release.