App offering curbside pickup now free for customer and business use

Published: Mar. 28, 2020 at 5:04 PM EDT
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Many restaurants are now forced to start offering curbside pickup or delivery due to coronavirus concerns.

We'll show you how an app called Byppo developed by a UF graduate is making it easier for both businesses and customers to do so all for free.

You can access Byppo through your computer or phone and it doesn't require a download. It's curbside feature only came into place recently.

Founder and UF graduate Victoria Liu explained, "we noticed there was a need for it so we quickly started rolling out this feature between my whole entire team who realizes how much of a need it would be and local businesses have really relied on it to survive."

Customers that order through the app are notified when they're food is ready and then only have to push a button when they've arrived.

Liu said, "they pull up here in their car and then they just push one button that says I have arrived and the restaurant knows they're here. That's pretty much it so it allows for very minimum contact that's really important especially nowadays when we're trying to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus."

Nataly Meth is the co-owner of Cilantro Tacos who added, "it allows our customers to experience the entire gravity of safe food eating. They don't have to feel many compromises when they leave their house to pick up food real quick. All of our staff are wearing gloves and sanitizing and wearing face shields and when they come out and these guests feel confident and secure that their food is coming out safe."

Right now only a handful of businesses offer ordering through Byppo but Liu says more will be up and running soon.

TV20's Landon Harrar reported "here at Patticakes coffee shop they've had to adjust to the changing times and offer curbside pickup, something the owner says she never truly envisioned doing for her business. They say they've had the Byppo app for 2 weeks and now more than 20 percent of their orders come through it."

But even though these hard times businesses we spoke to say there is a silver lining they've noticed.

Meth explained, "I don't think I've seen a negative review on any local restaurants in about a month and everybody is going out and saying hey you need to support these small local businesses. So businesses such as myself, yes our sales are dropping but we feel more community love than we ever have before."

Because you pay directly through Byppo if you choose the curbside option you literally don't have to leave your car, they'll bring whatever you ordered right to you.