App offers NCFL business owners free trial to promote food services

Published: Mar. 31, 2020 at 6:01 PM EDT
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A Gainesville-based app called BitBite is offering free trials to North Central Florida restaurant and bar owners who are still open and looking to spread the word about their business.

Steve Taylor, the owner of ReFresh Food Co., a healthy food restaurant located on University Avenue near the University of Florida, says he had to close his restaurant because most of his customers were students but others can still benefit from using the app.

"For instance, people can be putting out special deals, putting out notifications to people saying hey we have this special going on, hey don't forget about us, we're open and we're doing pick ups and deliveries," he said.

BitBite is currently managed by University of Florida students, Daniel Nazarian, Sam Houle, Jacob Faubion, and Chase Spengler.

They say during these uncertain times, they are happy to be able to do anything to help out.

"If we help any of these owners or any of these people we're working with feel slightly more comfortable or slightly more secure in their ability to continue operating until tomorrow, that's all we're doing that's all we're hoping for, “ Nazarian, said.

Besides promoting, BitBite can also help local businesses set up reward programs.

"And we'd like to develop along side other businesses, you know, creating solutions to their needs as they grow and develop and be learning with them along the way,” Spengler said.

ReFresh food Co. first partnered with BitBite in January.

While some people in the business industry may feel alone right now, Taylor says team work is important.

"I think coming together with other businesses, coming together, whether it's another restaurant, or other kind of businesses that we can communicate and see what other problems people are having and come up with solutions together,” Taylor said.

For more information about BitBite, a link is attached to this article.