Arrests Made in Connection With Alachua Shootings

GAINESVILLE, Florida (WCJB) Two are arrested in connection to the retaliation shootings in Alachua on January 15th.
Police have confirmed the shootings are related to gang activity.

Landon Harrar reported live in the studio "We were told today at a press conference the details of the shooting Dave and Paige. Two now- identified men jumped out of a car and shot at two other men who were talking to a mother of three right outside a house.

"We have two in custody now." said Alachua Police Information Officer Jesse Sandusky.
But police say one other shooter is still at large.
Sandusky went on to explain "Kenzel Edwards is in custody, charged with 6 counts of attempted murder, Rakeidra Neal is in custody and she is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for an incident that occurred on the 30th. The person here who is wanted is the brother of Kenzel, his name is Mckenzly Edwards and he is currently wanted for 6 counts of attempted homicide."
The shooters used automatic weapons, the driver of the getaway car is still unknown.
Officer Sandusky answered questions and said"They exited the vehicle and began shooting once they exited the vehicle. (do we know what they shot with, what kind of gun was it?) we know that the assault rifle was involved and we know at least 25 rounds from an assault rifle was fired into the vehicle or towards the victims."
Gang violence wasn't common on alachua police radars but it is now.
"Through our continued investigation we were able to determine that Kenzel Edwards, Mckenzly Edwards and Rakeidra Neal are known associates of a small localized gang. Additionally it was determined that Kemarri Hampton who was charged in the shooting death of Dana Walker Jr is a known associate of a rival localized gang."
Adrin, a local 15 year old who knew Kemarri Hampton said he doesn't know any gangs personally, but did mention "Like everybody got their little group, squad whatever."
Officer Sandusky said "We still have the issue or what we consider an issue of a criminal street gang, localized criminal street gang in Alachua and thats something we take seriously as a police department, this is stuff we're not going to tolerate that so this investigation will continue until we identify anybody who may be involved in criminal activity calling themselves a gang."

Tv20's Landon Harrar concluded live in the studio, "Dave and Paige police did say there was a 20 month old boy in a carseat of the shot-at SUV, bullets did pierce his car seat but miraculously he was uninjured. Police say there are still people out there who knew what happened and expect more arrests to be made."