Commissioner Chestnut collapses in county meeting

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- Alachua County spokesperson, Mark Sexton has confirmed to TV20 that in Tuesday's county meeting, commissioner Charles "Chuck" Chestnut IV collapsed to the floor.

His collapse happened during the retirement speech of Chris Bird, who is the Environmental Protection Department Director.

A witness said he saw Chestnut standing in the corner of the room listening to the meeting then saw him fall to the floor.

“A big thud,” said Ward Scott, the Rural Concerns Advisory Committee Chair. “He’s a big guy. It was a big thud, so it told me that he lost consciousness. He was out on the way down because he didn’t try to break his fall. That was what was alarming to me. He did not try to break his fall. He was out on the way down."

The meeting was then paused for a recess. Commissioner Chestnut regained consciousness and walked out to be checked out by paramedics. He was taken to a local hospital.