UPDATE: Sinkholes on I-75 just North of Williston Road exit filled in and all lanes re-opened

Published: Jun. 21, 2019 at 4:42 PM EDT
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UPDATE: 10:30 pm 6/21/19

Southbound traffic on I-75 was backed up for miles this afternoon and it wasn't because of a crash.

Here's how mother nature affected so many people's commute today.

You hear about them every year here in Florida, sinkholes appearing out of nowhere. But, when one shows up on the highway, in the middle of rush hour traffic, thousands were delayed in the ensuing traffic.

Around 4:30 pm a traveler called into FHP there was a sinkhole on the side of the highway, and when troopers arrived they realized it was, in fact, a sinkhole, and it wasn't a small one, or the only one.

Patrick Riordan, spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol said, " It's actually a sizable sinkhole that's developed here on the emergency lane and then there's a secondary sinkhole off the shoulder, whether those are connected or not we don't know."

FHP quickly closed off the right lane closest to the hole because of questions about the integrity of the road.

The first sinkhole is roughly 6 feet wide and 10 feet deep. The second hole off the shoulder of the road is quite a bit larger and has water running through it but not pooling.

As of 10:15 tonight FDOT reported both sinkholes have been filled and all lanes are once again open.

FDOT did bring out a radar, and were able to determine the cause of the sinkholes wasn't from an issue underground--but it won't be until next week that crews can figure out what caused them to even form.

Now FDOT tells Tv20 they will keep an eye on the sinkholes throughout the weekend, and on Sunday night from 9 pm until five in the morning on Monday, crews will close down the right lane to do further testing.



A second sinkhole has opened up in the same area as the first one. We'll have more information once it's released.


Alachua County deputies say a sinkhole opened on I-75 southbound just north of the 382-mile marker (Williston Road exit.)

The Florida Highway Patrol says center lane has opened but right lane is currently blocked.

Traffic is being diverted. Avoid the area if possible.