Back To The Future Christmas Wish Granted

Published: Dec. 8, 2018 at 6:43 PM EST
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It's been a difficult journey for a 10-year-old injured in a fire that took his parents' lives 6 months ago.

Here's how one company in Gainesville is bringing the boy a little bit of Christmas hope.

Currently staying in the Ronald Mcdonald house with his grandmother and brother, Derrick Ilicarry's holiday wish wasn't an easy one. However, one Gainesville business took up the challenge.

James Coats is the owner of Phalanx Defense Systems, the company who went out of their way to make Derrick smile. "Show some love to a little dude who lost some family in a fire and was also seriously burned so we're throwing him a Christmas party and I understand he likes DeLoreans from back to the future so behind me you can see one of those."

After a bit of searching, Coats was able to find a replica DeLorean almost exactly the same in every way as the movie version.

"I understood he liked back to the future and wanted to potentially sit in or ride in a DeLorean and to me that's an exciting opportunity to find a DeLorean from Back to the Future and we were able to do that thanks to our partners. The end result is that if it brings him some joy this time of year it's what we're here to do."

Bruce Coulombe co-founded the business "DeLorean Time," which is who Coats contacted to bring the car to Gainesville.."He found us on the website and said he has a little boy that was a burn victim who had a wish to sit in one of the DeLorean time machines from Back to the Future and I said we're available. Sure it sounds like a good project and we do charity so I was more than happy to come out and meet the little boy and James and bring the DeLorean out for somebody to enjoy."

Brian Iricarry is Derrick's older brother who was helping translate, he said. "He told me this looks like the movie and I know when we go back home he is going to start talking about the suits and cars with his friends. He'll remember this for the rest of his life because he feels like he was part of the movie too."

And it wasn't only the DeLorean on display, Derrick also got to ride in one of his favorite heroes iconic cars, the Batmobile.

His brother Brian said, "It was a good surprise to see the Batman car, he loves Batman so it was a really good surprise for him to see the Batman car."

Although, he has already undergone 8 surgeries since the accident and has more planned in the near future... Derrick is on his road to recovery.