Behind the traffic ticket fines, where does the money go?

Published: Aug. 23, 2018 at 11:23 AM EDT
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Getting pulled over is probably not on your list of favorite things to do in a day...but have you ever wondered where the money from your ticket goes?

Meghan Shay says, "public opinion is that law enforcement agencies receive the funds from tickets that are issued, but actually, the Ocala police department only receives $2 from every citation we write, and that money has to go into training, so it's not money that goes into the general fund."

From January to July, OPD had over 9,500 stops and issued nearly 3,000 tickets.

Just shy of six thousand dollars went to the department for training, but a breakdown from the clerk of courts shows that a percentage of every ticket is distributed to cover costs like emergency transport services, and state trust finds -- for certain tickets, fifty-six percent either goes to cover clerk fees, or to the Seminole or Miccosukee tribes.

But why would OPD tell us where they're going to be?

"So because the ultimate goal of traffic enforcement is to deter unsafe driving practices and to prevent crashes, we think it makes perfect sense to let the community know where we are going to be enforcing the speed limit and other traffic laws / so that hopefully, they will engage in safer driving practices, knowing that we're present and knowing that there's a risk of them being pulled over and receiving a ticket."

One officer said that ticket-worthy speeding is about ten miles over the speed limit, except for in school zones, where they expect drivers to stay at the exact limit.

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