Belleview family searches for missing motorcross bikes

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Belleview, Fla. A family is searching for answers after son’s motor cross bikes were stolen from their garage Monday morning.

The family says they lost much more than just their belongings.

Sean Howard said, "The door was pried open and it was obvious at that point what had happened."

It's a mystery Sean Howard says he's still trying to figure out.

Sean Howard said, "When I came outside and there was nothing there I had to retrace my steps from the night before and ask," Did I unload the bikes out of the trailer you know."

Someone broken into their garage Monday morning and stole both of his son's armature motor cross bikes valued at 16 thousand dollars.

Sean Howard said, "Someone invaded our space and that's really difficult to get over."

14-year-old Blair Howard says he's been competing in the motor cross world for four years now. And this theft has put a major dent in his progress within the sport along with some bonding time with his dad.

But he says he plans to persevere.

Blair Howard said, "It has given me a set back and made me think can I really still compete and do this, but I can't give up now and I know I can still do this.”

Howard says this video was taken the morning of the break in and he believes the people in car are in some way connected.

Sean Howard said, "We would like to see whoever did this brought to justice, because we don't want this to happen to anybody else."

But for now the two say they're grateful no one inside of the home has hurt.

And family and friends of Blair have started a GoFundMe page for the missing bike and that link has been put on our website at