Belleview man arrested and charged with shooting friend

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. A Belleview man was arrested and charged with shooting a man Sunday morning in Summerfield near a wooded area off of County Road 42 just east of U.S. 441.

Neighbors in the area say these actions have become far too common.

"I'm moving my stuff from this neighborhood as we speak to a different property because I just can't take it anymore."

This mother of two who does not want to be identified says drugs and shootings have become far too common near her Summerfield home.

"Something told me to walk through the neighborhood, to check it out, but I got this gut feeling to not leave my home. And the next morning I saw the police out there and I knew right away that something wasn't right."

Marion County Sheriff's deputies say around 5a.m. on Sunday 25-year-old Blake Ellenberger, 32-year-old Joseph Edwards, and another friend got into a truck and drove to Edward’s house on SE107th Avenue to smoke meth and marijuana.

Paul Bloom with MCSO said, "At some point they decided to leave and take Ellenberger back to his home and as they were leaving Ellenberger got into the front passenger seat and then becomes extremely paranoid, saying that they were going to kill him."

Ellenberger then pulled out a gun and shot Edwards multiple times, who was sitting in the back seat and then Ellenberger ran towards County Road 42 and reloaded the gun.

Deputies were able to arrest him shortly after, and he then stated "that he shot the victim in self-defense."

Bloom said, "We're glad he did not shoot the driver to cause even more injuries. So he's under arrest and he's in the Marion County jail on a $10,000 bond and has not bailed out."

Edwards still remains in the hospital in critical condition, but neighbors say they need more of a police presence in the area patrolling throughout the nights.

"We have a lot of valuable things in this neighborhood and we just don't want people coming out here getting ahold of our things that we worked hard for."