Florida Best Buy driver murders 75-year-old woman while delivering her appliances

Published: Sep. 30, 2019 at 4:56 AM EDT
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A Boca Raton family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Best Buy. This comes after allegations a delivery man for the company killed a 75-year-old woman while delivering appliances.

The family of 75-year-old Evelyn Udell has filed a wrongful death lawsuit to hold Best Buy, two delivery contractors and the two deliverymen, accountable for her death.

Lawyers say the fatal attack was preventable if the companies had further screened their employees.

On August 19th, police say Jorge Lachazo and another man were delivering a washer and dryer the Udells had bought from Best Buy.

Police say Lachazo beat Udell with a mallet, poured acetone on her body and set her on fire. She died the next day. Lachazo was arrested and is charged with murder.

According to the lawsuit, "Best buy stores did nothing to investigate, supervise, or oversee the personnel used to perform these services on their behalf. Worse, it did nothing to advise, inform, or warn Mrs. Udell that the delivery and installation services had been delegated to a third-party."

Lawyers are also calling for sweeping changes to how businesses screen workers who have to go inside a customers' home.