Bikers on Parade raises money for military and first responder families

Published: Nov. 5, 2017 at 6:14 PM EST
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Travis Harvey served in Iraq with the Florida Army National Guard in 2003.

"I took mortar shrapnel through my legs and my left arm and was pretty seriously injured,” he said.

Harvey also says the human race isn't meant for war.

It's for something closer to the heart.

"We're meant for collaboration and greater things and to take care of one another,” he said.

Harvey is using his story to ride through the wind in hopes of changing the lives of his brothers in arms.

The Bikers on Parade Charity Ride gives the community an opportunity to rev up their engines for a good cause.

All proceeds from Bikers on Parade will go to 10 Can, an organization committed to helping military and first responder families.

"What made them happy as a kid? Was it something they smelled, working in wood?Is it something they hear, the chirping of birds? That's what we put them back into. We help them try to find happiness through that root system,” Matthew Burke, executive director for 10 Can, said.

The organization transforms lives with outdoor adventures like fishing and boating.

"It's really amazing to see somebody that goes from just miserable to the end of the day, they're just the happiest people you've ever seen,” Kyle Skipper, who partners with 10 Can and works hand on hand with families, said.

More than 500 bikers came out in support of the cause helping people find the ultimate goal of happiness.

"It's not out there having a million dollar home, the $200,000 car or all the toys, it's about working with your community, working with your family and taking care of one another,” Harvey said.