Blackadder Brewing Company burglary suspect arrested

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- The Gainesville Police Department arrested Sean Burke-Patterson, 35, on Monday for burglarizing Blackadder Brewing Company.

Blackadder Brewing Company CEO Chris Hart was upset when he saw four kegs stolen.

“I don't know exactly what he was thinking,” Hart said. “I was disappointed because we've had kegs go missing before and I've taken steps to prevent them from being stolen like putting up the barbed wire, the closures locked. I thought I had it pretty well taken care of."

The burglary itself did not take much thought.

“I didn't know someone with brute force will just physically wrench that completely apart,” Hart said.

The burglar tried to cover his tracks by disguising the stolen kegs with Greek letters.

Hart said the burglaries in the past and the recent one affects his business.

“It takes time and effort to repair and replace the parts on the fence,” Hart said. “The kegs that have been gone missing before and the ones that were missing this time, the deposits with the distributors, that's basically just money lost. The ones that we've lost that were stolen that we have not recovered, we're never getting that back and that's a few hundred dollars."

Detectives recovered all four kegs. Three kegs were from the BP Gas Station on University Avenue and one keg was recovered at Gator Liquor on SW 16th Avenue.

“I was very pleased,” Hart said. The police were great. They tracked down leads. They did a good job both fingerprinting and taking the information and then tracking everything to find that particular person who they told me he confessed to the theft and they were able to recover kegs for me which is awesome."

Hart said he will use another method to prevent another burglary from happening in the future.

“I'm going to now snake a chain through all of the handles on the kegs in addition to all of the security things I've done so that basically no crime of opportunity is even going to be possible any longer,” Hart said.