Blind veteran prepares for Wounded Warrior Project's 5K run

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- A charity will have a veteran from Gainesville participate in its Carry Forward 5K run in Jacksonville on Saturday.

Wounded Warriors Project will host its Carry Forward 5K Run in Jacksonville on Saturday, November 9.
Charles “Chuck” Miller is a blind U.S. Army war veteran who will participate in the run.

Miler said his eyesight started to disappear while in the service but he said that will not stop him from running with other veterans.

“It’s really hard for a disabled veteran to find their purpose in life and it really helps when the community gets behind them,” Miller said. “In the veteran community, you probably hear a lot about the suicides and so it’s important to me to connect with other veterans."

The goal of the run is to empower veterans to participate in adaptive sports.

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