Blue Skies Estates in Ocala inspected for hazardous living conditions

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB)-- Broken windows, exposed electrical wires, and caved-in floors are just a few of the issues residents at Blue Skies Estates in Ocala have to live with every day.

Many residents say they're fed up with property management putting their health at risk.

Over a two day inspection, the newly formed Environmental Enforcement Unit with the City of Ocala, deemed over 40 homes and other structures located at Blue Skies Estates, to be dangerous.

Angel Hoffman has lived with her family at Blue Skies Estates for three years.

"There's a big hole here, there's a big hole here, this whole hall way is caving in,” she said pointing out different spots in her home.

She said it's always been difficult interacting with property management.

"The trailer door, the bathroom needs to be fixed, I've got so many issues, I've brought it up to the owner, I've brought it up to the guy who usually does the lawn maintenance, and the guy that rented me the place, told me that they were going to replace my trailer doors and fix my floors and they still haven't done it,” she added.

And she's not alone, out of the 51 mobile homes and other structures located on the property, more than 40 have been deemed dangerous by the Environmental Enforcement Unit.

"We made a promise to them that we would make the management look at these issues and fix them and if they wouldn't, we would,” Environmental Enforcement Officer James Pogue said.

Hoffman added it's been difficult living at Blue Skies Estates, especially after the death of her fiancé.

She said she's glad to see the enforcement officers are taking a stand.

"It is actually a very exciting thing that they're actually stepping in and doing something about it,” she said.

Now it's up to property manager - Edward Seyler - tenants know him as Keith, to take action to fix the issues identified.

Normally property owners are given 30 days to make a change, but Pogue thinks Seyler may need up to 90 days to fully complete repairs.

We tried reaching out for comment, but he was not available.

Hoffman said she also plans to move out of her home at Blue Skies Estates once she finds the right fit for her family.

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