Bread of the Mighty Food Bank hosting Hunger Action Day event

GAINESVILLE, Fla. Today is Hunger Action Day and one food bank held an event to let people know how they can help.

“We just want people to take action against hunger in our community. There is no food shortage, there is a shortage of access to food,” said Bread of the Mighty communication and development director Karen Woolfstead.

Bread of the Mighty partners with more than 180 agencies to serve five counties in North Central Florida.

The food bank serves Alachua, Dixie, Gilchrist, Lafayette and Levy counties, where there are over 64,000 people living with food insecurity. Out of that number, almost 12,000 are children.

“There is no face of hunger. People you know are hungry. People you go to church with, people your kids are in school with are hungry, so you just don’t know,” said Woolfstead.

Bread of the Mighty is the only food bank in the country that provides a grocery store-like experience at almost no cost to people picking up food.

“Gainesville is a fabulous community," President & Ceo of The Bread Of The Mighty Food Bank Marcia Conwell said. "The people will really circle around people that really need help but they have to know it first. So hunger action month is just a way to get the information out to the community about hunger.”

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