Bread of the Mighty recognizes Hunger Action Day

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(WCJB) - Bread of the Mighty is a local organization that helps with food insecurity and today they recognized hunger action day.

Last year, they distributed 7.9 million pounds of food that equates to 6.6 million meals.

Karen Woolfstead is the Communications and Development Director for Bread of the Mighty and she says that there are multiple ways the food gets distributed, including 190 non-profit organizations that have food certifications.

" We have a lot of programs that we feed through. We feed 27 afterschool programs in our area in the five counties. We provide snacks, after school snacks. We have eight pantries at the schools, believe it or not. We have two high schools where the coaches come in and they get food for the athletes that are food-deprived."

Woolfstead says one dollar can provide 10 meals and Alachua County is the biggest county that they service.