Breaking down the District 8 State Senate debate

(WCJB) -- It was a series of sharp contrasts during tonight's live TV20 debate between state Senator Keith Perry and challenger Dr. Kayser Enneking.

The two as much as admitted they have very little in common.

Here's a look at some of the hot topic items the two got the most heated about.

After talking about ways to fix the red tide problem in Florida both candidates had this to say during their chance to rebut the other's argument.

Dr. Kayser Enneking started first saying, "water management districts in this state have been gutted by the Rick Scott government. For the last 8 years, we've had troubles with political appointees to our water management districts and not scientists. We need to get back to using science to how we base our water withdrawals on."

Senator Keith Perry rebutted with, "yeah I think that's just a cheap shot it really is. We've increased funding to the water management districts we've increased funding to research at the university level. We're talking about 8 years in Florida from farming and other things that have contributed to this that we're reversing now and will take time to be reversed but we're working on those.

The two candidates also clashed when it came to a question about attack ads.

Dr. Enneking stated, "yes I think it's a shame that ads get put out there that portray people as "cuckoo" that make people into something that they really aren't. But we have so many issues we disagree on we don't really have any reason to personally attack somebody."

Senator Perry had his own thoughts on ads which he says aren't all true. "Well, it's certainly unfortunate that we've gotten to a level we have and I think you've seen some of the campaigns and can question just about any campaign ad for its validity or truthfulness. I find it unfortunate that the ad against me and sewage water into drinking water it's not somehow stretching the truth it's a total distortion or mistruth there's nothing true about that ad."

And on the topic of legalizing marijuana, both candidates took a completely different stance.

Dr. Enneking is for it because of tax purposes. "The ability to regulate that industry and to tax it we're going to fall behind in tourism we now people do marijuana tourism now and we need to have that here in Florida but finally I'd like that tax money, I think we should tax the heck out of marijuana and make it legal for everybody."

Senator Perry is completely against the idea. "I'm sure it would attract people and generate tax dollars but the negative effect, the cost that we would pay and all the other things associated with that would be a negative for us and our state and I would oppose it on every step."

After speaking with both Dr. Enneking and Senator Perry afterward about how they thought it went. Both were happy for the opportunity and said it's a difficult process to answer such in-depth questions with limited time.

Both Senator Perry and Dr. Enneking encouraged any voter with more questions about their answers or platform to reach out to them for an in-depth conversation.