Bullies leave California middle schooler in critical condition

MORENO VALLEY, Calif. (KCAL/KCBS/CNN) - In the aftermath of a brutal attack, passionate parents demanded answers Wednesday evening about how school officials were handling bullying at Landmark Middle School.

Two California middle schoolers are under arrest after a fight that went viral on Facebook. The assault left 13-year-old Diego hospitalized in critical condition. (Source: KCAL/KCBS/CNN0

Two days earlier, 13-year-old Diego was assaulted during a passing period on campus and injured so badly he’s still in critical condition.

"Was the school aware Diego was being bullied like was mentioned on social media and did they do anything about it?" one parent asked.

The principal and district officials said they were looking into that, but the crowd repeatedly called for them to answer the question.

Someone close to the victim said just last week the school was made aware that Diego was being bullied, and that this was not an isolated incident

Other parents shared similar stories.

"Bullying in Moreno Valley is an ongoing issue and every time it's brought up, its swept under the rug," Leonardo Gonzalez said.

Sandra Murphy said she's been going to Moreno Valley Unified School Board meetings for three years and sees the same parents reporting the same bullies.

“Come up with a solution! And it’s year after year,” Murphy stressed. “And they come back two or three months later with the same problems.”

District leaders discussed how complicated education codes and state laws are when it comes to specific consequences for bullying. Even so, they said all bullying reports are taken seriously.

Angel Adams said when she used the protocols in place to report her granddaughter was being bullied at an elementary school in the district, officials responded with, “We'll get back to you."

While parents and school officials didn’t come to an agreement on how, specifically, this attack could have been prevented, many agreed that they needed to work together while Diego continues to fight for his life.

In March at the same middle school where Diego was attacked, there was another violent incident involving some 50 students. Deputies had to fire pepper balls into the melee to break it up.

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