Bystander training by Green Dot GNV recognizes Gainesville graduates

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Several Gainesville residents are working to end violence after graduating from Green Dot GNV's "End Violence Here" bystander training Thursday afternoon.

Several public housing residents were recognized after participating in the event hosted by Green Dot GNV, an organization located in Gainesville that works to educate individuals in ways to prevent violent incidents and to shift "community norms toward not tolerating power-based personal violence."

The interactive exercises provided by the training helped them to recognize "Red Dots" or violent behaviors that could cause harm to an individual.

It also promoted the use of "Green Dots" or a behavior that promotes change to reduce violence culturally within the community.

Pamela Koons, Green Dot GNV's coordinator, spoke to TV20 and elaborated on what the training provides.

"The number one reason people don't say anything when something is happening is fear; we fear for our own safety," Koons explained. "So we give them the tools that they need and we call them the Three d's: you can either Directly get involved, you can do something to Distract, or you can Delegate. We have got to understand that the only way we can take back our streets is to take back our homes."

Those who go through the training are given a Green Dot GNV sticker to recognize their status as an active bystander and their commitment to end violence.

For more information, visit Green Dot GNV's website or their Facebook page.