Cade Museum celebrates one year anniversary

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -- The Cade Museum celebrated one year since it first opened its doors on Sunday, welcoming visitors to explore exhibits dedicated to creativity and innovation in STEM fields.

One year since opening in May 2018, the Cade has seen around 55,000 guests through its doors. The 26,000 square foot building is located southwest of Depot Park, just off Main St.

"You walk in, you have the rotunda. This is where we have the opportunity to meet an inventor every Saturday," said Senior Manager of Membership and Development Ashley Bryant.

The Cade has made a name for itself by standing out, with a focus on the STEM field and interactive exhibits. Currently, exhibits include Cuban Ingenuity and coding and language.

The museum caters to all ages, but has hosted a large amount of students, especially field trips from elementary schools and competitions.

"It's really a simple concept. To come with an open mind, and be eager and ready to learn," Bryant said.

Greg Hudalla won the Cade Prize at the Inventivity Bash on Saturday night for a drug he worked on that fights inflammation.

"This museum itself is a really interesting entity," Hudalla said. "It's a museum that's founded around the concept of invention and innovation and creativity, which is not typically what one would think of when one goes to a museum."

The Cade Museum was named for Dr. James Robert Cade, the inventor of the drink Gatorade.

The goal is to eventually see 80,000 guests per year walk through the Cade's doors.

"This is just the beginning," Bryant said. "We're standing on the shoulders of greatness, there's a number of things that we can do and step one is touching children's lives and that's what we do in our mission."