UPDATE: woman dies after car crashes into Jason's Deli

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- According to Gainesville Police, Pamela Thrift, 77, suffered serious injuries and later died at the hospital.

GPD’s Traffic Homicide Unit will continue with their investigation and will not make a charging decision until all evidence is examined and the investigation is complete.
Firefighters and police had to respond to the Jason's Deli located on Newberry Road in Gainesville this afternoon.

Gainesville Fire Rescue took to social media to announce a vehicle had crashed into the Jason's Deli building. Just before 3:00 pm, the driver was trying to back up, but the vehicle was stuck on a parking stone.

He then put the car in drive and thought he was pressing the brake pedal but instead pressed the gas.
The vehicle crashed through the entrance of the restaurant.

Two people inside the restaurant that were sitting on one of the booths the car crashed into had to be trauma alerted to Shands.
The crash is still under investigation.