Cedar Key Seafood Festival Still On Weather Depending

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CEDAR KEY, Fla. (WCJB) - Although Nestor appears to be putting a damper on the Cedar Key Seafood Festival, event organizers are saying that the show will go on.

Anna Hodges, Cedar Key Lions Club Event Coordinator, says the vendors and food tents will be prepared to set up as soon as the storm passes and the weather clears. She says they work closely with the city of Cedar Key and Emergency Officials to determine when it is safe to bring out the vendors.

Local businesses and hotels say that the weather forecast has not really had any major impacts on reservations this weekend. They also said they will be open for regular business hours all weekend and hope that people still come out and enjoy the good food because Sunday is looking beautiful.

You can find the latest updates on the status of the Seafood Festival on the Cedar Key Lions Club Facebook page.