Cedar Key bridge construction starts soon

Construction on Cedar Key's C-street-bridge, also known as Dock Street bridge is set to begin Thursday.

But there a few issues expected to arise from the construction.

Parking spots are already hard to find on Dock street but when the construction starts it will be even harder to find as 40-50 spots along the main bridge will not be available.

Before the main bridge is torn down and re-built, FDOT crews will put up a temporary bridge right alongside where the main bridge is now. Traffic will continue to be one-way and will be able to get to the businesses on Dock street as usual for the duration for the project

Parking spots at the boat launch marina will however be at a premium.

Cedar Key Police Chief Virgil Sandlin said, "probably as this project progresses and we get later into the season we'll be relaxing the times for boat trailer parking down at the docks so we can kind of relieve some of the parking especially for your lunch and afternoon crowd."

Only boat trailers can park at the marina before 2 pm.

Some businesses have already set up a type of golf-cart shuttle service to get customers to and from the dock easily with others looking to jump on that ship as well.

The almost 7 million dollar project is expected to take roughly 18 months to complete.