New law will change Bright Futures Scholarship requirements

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla The rules to qualify for the Bright Futures Scholarship will change thanks to a new law taking effect today.

Members of the Florida legislature signed Senate Bill 190 that would raise the SAT score requirement for students.

Funded by the Florida Lottery, the state's scholarship program was first started in 1997. The scholarship provides partial or full tuition to Florida public colleges and universities for high school students that meet certain academic goals.

To be eligible for the scholarship, high school students will now have to score a combined 1330 on the reading and math sections of the exam in order to receive a full ride to a Florida college or university. The previous requirement accepted a score of 1290.

To receive partial funding, students must score at least 1200, which is a 30 point increase.

The requirements for the ACT, another standardized exam, has not changed at this time.

This new rule change for the SAT score will affect students graduating high school in 2021.